We empower sustainable technologies in Emerging Markets

... by identifying innovative cleantech solutions, assessing market opportunities and joining forces with strategic and financial investors.


20-22 March 2018: World Bio Markets in Amsterdam

08-09 May 2018: Ecosummit in Berlin

14-18 May 2018: IFAT 2018 in Munich

16 October 2018: Startup-Tag Chemie & Umwelt, Munich

IFAT 2018

SusTech Consult is the official partner of the startup platform "experience.science.future." at IFAT, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management. Click here for a video on the startup platform.



22 June 2018 (e)

Interview in Bio-Based World News:

5 Minutes with… Bruno Rudnik, Managing Director at SusTech Consult.

14 May 2018 (e)

SusTech organizes and moderates two "Pitch & Panel" events at IFAT 2018 on upscaling and internationalisation of environmental technology startups.

09 March 2018 (d)

"Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich der Umwelttechnologien in China": Article by SusTech in DCW Yearbook 2018.

29 November 2017 (e)

SusTech moderates China Roundtable at World Bio Markets 2018 in Amsterdam from 20.-22. March 2018

19 June 2017 (e)

SusTech partner and client IFAT launches exhibition platform for environmental technology startups for IFAT 2018 in Munich

13 March 2017 (e)

World Bio Markets in Amsterdam from 27.-29. March: SusTech speaks and moderates at top global biofuels and biochemicals conference

05 January 2017 (d)

SusTech client QWAIR Group signs MOU with strategic partner in China for deployment and upscaling of innovative water treatment technology

17 October 2016 (d)

German-Chinese Innovation Dialogue in Cologne on 11. November 2016: SusTech speaks about China as an upscaling and financing opportunity for new material start-ups

28 September 2016 (d)

German-Chinese Business Summit in Stuttgart on 26. October 2016: Bruno Rudnik speaks on green technologies in China and moderates a panel discussion on E-Mobility in China

10 May 2016 (e)

Bruno Rudnik moderates two China Roundtables ("Environmental Technologies for China") at IE Expo in Shanghai and IFAT in Munich

15 January 2016 (e)

SusTech Consult contributes to the Emerging Markets panel discussion and China round table at World Bio Markets in Amsterdam 14.-17. March

18 November 2015 (d)

SusTech Consult speaking about the market for renewable energies in China at Renewable Energy Finance Conference 2015 in Frankfurt

13 October 2015 (d)

"Cluster-Treff International" organized by UmweltCluster Bayern: SusTech presentation on opportunities for SMEs in Chinese greentech market

23 April 2014 (e,d)

Bruno Rudnik, Managing Director of SusTech Consult, has been appointed as Subject Matter Expert on Green Technologies by the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW)

10 December 2013 (d)

SusTech in DCW Annual Report 2014: From Innovation to Revolution - Opportunities for German-Chinese partnerships in clean technologies

18 October 2013 (e)

SusTech in CHEManager Europe: The East is Green - Asia's role in the commercialization of bioplastics

24 June 2013 (d)

SusTech on WirtschaftsWoche Green: How Chinese companies invest in Western cleantech startups

17 April 2013 (e)

Plastics News reports on SusTech Consult speaking at the Renewable Plastics Conference in Amsterdam

28 March 2013 (d)

SusTech Consult writes about the Green Revolution in China on WirtschaftsWoche Green

18 March 2013 (d)

SusTech Consult comments on opportunities in Green Chemistry on WirtschaftsWoche Green


We support companies from all major cleantech industry sectors.

A particular focus lies on technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water treatment, cyclic economy and biomaterials/ biochemicals.


We focus on cleantech opportunities in China and India.

For our clients we generate market insights, compile strategic business cases and establish contacts to local stakeholders and decision makers.


We match European technology developers with Asian capital providers.

We facilitate early and later stage financing opportunities considering Asian private equity capital, strategic investors and government funds.