We focus on opportunities for sustainable technologies in Emerging Markets in Asia. While the introduction of cleantech in Western markets is often hindered by a lack in sense of urgency and also by interests in defending the status quo of a carbon-based linear economy, the situation in Emerging Markets is distinctly different:

  • Higher impact of cleantech than in developed countries
  • Opportunities for large-scale projects
  • Political support and pronounced “willingness to act”
  • Availability of capital for cleantech investments.

A particular geographic emphasis of our work lies on China and India which in recent years have become hot-spots on the global cleantech map. Besides, we also observe significant opportunities in countries such as Indonesia or Myanmar.

In these markets SusTech Consult supports European cleantech companies in:

  • Generating market intelligence and insights
  • Compiling strategic business cases to address market potentials
  • Establishing contacts to cleantech stakeholders and decision makers